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UK Youth Parliament To Debate Top Concerns In The Commons

The UK Youth Parliament will soon be discussing some very important topics at the House of Commons including allowing young people aged 16 & 17 to vote in elections. The sessions will take place from Friday 9th November and will see young people from around the world discussing how to respond to a number of high profile issues and concerns. The right to vote in all public elections for young people aged 16 and 17 years will be discussed as well as Equal Pay, Equal Work, which is all about ensuring young people are paid the same amount as adults for the same job. Other debates topics include mental health and how mental health services could be improved with the help of young people, as well as why these services should be available in schools. The current level of knife crime and the impact upon young people is also due to be debated and having an input into these key debates is important for all young people. The Youth Parliament Debate represents a great opportunity for young people to come together and discuss some issues that affect them and their peers with the view to making a change for their future. You can check out more information on the debates here;

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