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Health, Fitness & Personal Training

Transitional Plus Care as part of it’s holistic package to support a young person’s placement stability and engagement provides personal training and fitness to young people using our services as we realise the importance of a healthy mind self image as well as a healthy body.

Jess Hay who leads on this area of work for Transitional Plus Care has been working within the fitness industry for over 10 years, mentoring, managing and building a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She also has extensive experience of managing Gyms to training Personal Trainers on a national basis. Upskilling them to deliver world class sessions and service.

We believe at Transitional Plus Care that without a healthy mind, the body will not follow.

The society we live in has become vanity driven, with social media and advertising being at the root of it. We will use a holistic approach to fitness training, ensuring not only the physical body is worked, but also delving into posture analysis, injury recovery and mental well being. We strive to get young people functionally fit, for the life they live, from the inside out.

Is your young person ready for a new them?

Do they need someone to help push them in the right direction?

Do they need to build up the inner them and not just the outer surface?

If so Personal Training may just be for them.
• 1:1 Sessions
• Group Sessions
• Home based training
• Outdoor training
• Holistic sessions
• Weight training
• Nutrition

If you would like any further information on any of the above, please contact Jess Hay on 07752746571 or email her at jess.hay@transpluscare.co.uk