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16+ Leaving Care & Accommodation

imgTransitional Plus Care provides individually tailored, person centred, supported and semi independent living accommodation to young people aged 16–18 who are leaving care, custody, are homeless and those under Youth Offending Service arrangements in community.
We offer emergency, short and long term placements to young people in both group living and solo settings.
We have an additional focus on Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds and Refugees (BAMER) and young female offenders.

TPC delivers services to the most challenging and hard to engage young people and provide a disciplined, structured and outcome focused service for both the young person and the placing local authorities.

Our individually tailored placement plans are developed to address the young person’s particular needs. At their heart, they cover, independent living, gaining and maintaining employment, training and educational, and other previously unsupported needs.

In a short space of time TPC has built a reputation for working successfully with high challenge and disengaged young people to bring about positive and sustainable change.

Examples of this include:
• Providing placements to young people who have had a high number of placement moves – TPC has provided stability and the young people now feel they belong and have stayed in placement until reaching their 18th birthday.
• Addressing chronic offending behaviour within placements – TPC has engaged successfully to prevent custody.
• Working successfully with those who have no independent living skills – TPC provides in-house certificated and accredited AQA independent living modules in readiness for their own accommodation.
• No family contact or involvement – TPC has developed family links and mediation in order to develop positive relations between the young person and family members.
• Young people never engaged with employment, training or education – All young people within TPC units are engaged in ETE to ensure a purposeful and structured day – Staff work hard to ensure this is in place for all young people.
• All young people who are placed with us will complete an AQA accredited and certificated Independent Living Programme, having completed an Independent Living Assessment first in order to identify where the needs are.

The aim of the programme is not to make everyone exceptional but to ensure that everyone has an overall knowledge and understanding of how to live independently.
TPC service delivery to young people is structured and outcome focused with individually tailored placement plans developed to address the young person’s needs, independent living, employment, training and educational needs.

Transitional Plus Care Transitional Plus Care is committed to ensuring that:
• 100% of young people placed in TPC accommodation will undertake an independent living assessment
• 95% of individuals will complete three or more accredited and certificated independent living modules whilst in the accommodation
• 80% of individuals will be supported to access sustainable and appropriate move on accommodation
• 100% of young people will have a dedicated support worker 80% of individuals within TPC accommodation will be assisted to access volunteering and mentoring opportunities
• 85% of young people will be supported into employment, training or education
• 70% of young people will be assisted to maintain and retain family ties. 
The percentages shown above are not simply plucked from the air or wishful thinking, they have been arrived at after correlating actual results and represent worst-case values. 
TPC has a skilled management and staff team with over 30 years experience who come from a range of professional backgrounds which includes; probation, prison, social work, safeguarding, homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers. We have extensive background and knowledge in the rights, care, education and welfare of children, young people and their families.